Friday, May 30, 2014

Five on Friday.

It's Friday!!! Here are five Random things from our week. 

{One.} We got out the skateboards and scooters this weekend, and I can not even count the number of hours these boys spent racing up and down this hallway.
{Two.} The boys had two soccer games this week. And.....they lost both of them. They don't like losing, and were a bit embarrassed - especially since one team were boys younger than them. Hopefully this will cause them to learn some team work, and to take their coach and practices more seriously. 
{Three.} My mom sent me a birthday package this week, and in it was a life jacket for Tyson. He looks super cute in it, and we are hoping it will help him to enjoy the water more with us. We are heading to the beach (our favorite!) tomorrow - so we will be testing it out! 
{Four.}Isanon and I made a video to show at our church (in the US) a couple weeks ago. Two days ago, I wake up in the morning (5am, I should mention) to Isanon laughing at the computer. I look over to see what he is watching....and it is our first attempt to make the video. My mister is a dork, and I love him so. 
{Five.} Just a word of caution, if you decide to make cookies for 25+ boys, make sure you have lots of time....and lots of counter space. 


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