Saturday, October 25, 2014

Celebrating Roger and Jhonathan.

On Wednesday night, we had a big party for two of our boys who turned 13 on the same day. Like normal, I made the boys stay outside while I decorated for the party after dinner. These two boys were the worst though, looking through windows and under doors - trying to get a peek.

Earlier in the week, I had asked them if they would rather have games or a movie, and they both decided on a movie. So, when I finally let them come in, we had a little time of just hanging out (taking pictures).

After hanging out for a bit, we got straight to the good stuff. The boys had an opportunity to say one thing that they liked about Jhonathan and Roger, we prayed over them, gave them their gift, sang happy birthday and then ate the cake and cupcakes.

After cake, we grabbed our pillows and blankets, and piled mattresses on the floor and settled in for a movie. The movie that the birthday boys chose was 22 Jump Street. I have never seen the first one, but it was a pretty funny movie, the boys were laughing through the whole thing. 
A very happy birthday to you boys! It was such a pleasure for Isanon and I to be able to thow you a party for your 13th birthday. We feel honored to be the ones to play the role as your 'House Parents' for this time in your lives. We pray blessings over both of you in this new year of life. May God continue to work in your lives. A very very happy year to you both!