Saturday, May 10, 2014

Ademir turns 16....

We got to celebrate another birthday this week. Ademir turned 16 on Wednesday. Ademir is the oldest boy in our house. When he first arrived at Hope, he was put into the older boys home (because he was 15) but couldn't seem to get along with the boys over there, so was temporarily moved to our house. Since he turned 16, he will be moving back to the older boys house some time this next week. 
After dinner, we called all the boys from our house over and started the party off with a slideshow of pictures of Ademir. Isanon puts together a slideshow for each boy on their birthdays, and it may be one of the best parts! Depending on how long the boy has been here, it is fun to look back and see the differences. 
After watching the slideshow, we played "Never have I...." 
If you are not familiar with the game, the game starts off with everyone sitting except for one person in the middle without a chair. That person must say something that they never have done. For example, one of the boys said: "Never have I put on make-up." If you, also, have never put on make-up, you stay seated. However, if you must jump up and switch seats. The person left without a chair must then say something they have never done, and so on. 
We had quite a bit of fun with this game, and went many rounds. After we tired of the game, we gave Ademir his present, and prayed for him. 

One of the presents that Ademir received was a card that Paul and Nancy had sent him from the states. It was one of those cool little cards that when you open, it plays a song. The boys LOVED it! I mean, LOVED it! They thought it was the coolest thing! So cool, that it started a mini dance party in my living room. So much fun. 
When they finished their dance party, we had banana cupcakes with coffee flavored frosting. The boys always want me to make something "new" for them for their birthday, so I am having to learn to be creative. If you have any unique cupcake/cake flavors, please leave them in the comments! 

After cupcakes, we piled the mattresses in and settled down for a movie. The battery on our camera had died by this point, but I did happen to remember and snapped a photo on Isanon's iphone. 

Happy Birthday, Ademir! We hope that you felt super special on your special day! 

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