Monday, May 26, 2014

Meet & Greet Mondays. {Mateus}

Happy Monday, friends! And, Happy Memorial Day!

Today, I get the privilege of introducing you to Mateus ( Matthew, in english).
Mateus is a 14 year old boy who arrived at Hope in January. The very first day he arrived, I was sitting outside talking with some of the boys, and he came up and plopped himself down in my lap. Since then, I have gotten to know Mateus, and know that he is a very touchy boy - but that first day, I didn't know what to think!
I do not know much about Mateus' past. What I do know, is that at one point he was adopted by a very sweet family. I'm not sure how long he lived with them - but they said that he never adjusted. He was always getting really upset that things weren't how he wanted them, and would cause problems. He also is hyper active and needs medicine to help calm him down, and the family was not able to provide these for him. The family ended up reversing the adoption, and Mateus was brought to us. His adoptive family loves Mateus, and comes to visit him every chance they get. They also help financially with some of the things Mateus needs. 
Mateus is a very sweet boy, and has adjusted well to being here. Besides little yelling fights with the other boys, he has never caused any problems here. He does his chores without complaint, and is extremely helpful. He does well with a scheduled routine, and gets a little upset when things stray from this routine. He likes an explanation for why things have changed, and usually once he gets that - he is happy again. He is a very respectful and polite boy - to the point where he refuses to come into our house with his shoes on, he always leaves them outside the front door. Mateus is a boy who truly brings joy to mine and Isanon's life. Watching him grow and mature and seeing how happy he is here, reminds us of why we wanted to come to Hope Mountain. 
Please join Isanon and I as we pray for Mateus this week. We are praying that God would continue to put joy inside of Mateus' heart. We are praying for Mateus' relationship with his adoptive family. We are also praying for his schooling. He has started special classes at a private school, and he Loves it! Please pray with us that Mateus would continue to seek God, and know in his heart that he is loved deeply by his Heavenly Father. 

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