Monday, May 19, 2014

Meet & Greet Mondays. {Ronisson}

It's Monday! 

Today I get to introduce you to Ronisson. 
Ronisson has been here at Hope Mountain since December of 2009. He just had a birthday this last week and turned 17. Before coming to us, Ronisson lived with his mom and step-dad. He told us that him and his siblings would mess around a lot and get into a lot of trouble at home. His step-dad would get upset with them and lock them in a room for long periods of time. The neighbors called Social Services, and Ronisson and his three siblings were removed from the home. Because of Ronisson's age, he was brought to us, while his three younger siblings were taken to a different home. Ronisson misses his siblings, but thankfully he is able to go visit them on weekends and holidays. 
Ronisson is a joy for us to have. Despite being far from his siblings and everything he has went through, he is truly a joyful boy, who is fun to have around. It is not uncommon to find Ronisson making noises and pretending like he is riding 'his motorcycle' down the halls. It is also not uncommon to find him dancing or singing. He has an awesome smile and a contagious laugh. 
He, also, began going to a private school recently (please read about that here!) and has been doing really well. He has some learning difficulties and is quite a few years behind, but has been getting some extra help to try to catch him up a bit. Since he recently turned 17, he will soon be transferring over to the 'Republica', and given new responsibilities. 
 Please join Isanon and I in prayer for Ronisson this week. We are praying that he would continue to have this contagious joy. Please pray with us that he would continue to do well in school, and that the opportunity to begin to work would open up for him. We are praying that he would continue to make wise decisions and learn to seek the Lord more and more each day. 

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