Monday, June 2, 2014

Meet & Greet Mondays. {Mateus Davi}

It's Monday, and today we have a special prayer request. 

This is Mateus Davi (Matthew David, in English.) 
 Although Mateus Davi only lived at Hope for a short while, he made a lasting impression. Mateus Davi was adopted by a very wealthy family who had an only daughter. The daughter was 2 years older than Mateus Davi, and became very jealous of him. Because of this jealousy, the family reversed the adoption and Mateus was once again placed in 'the system'. In the short time that Mateus was here with us, he seemed happy. He is very intelligent. I began giving him English classes, and he was picking it up so quickly. He smiled, and laughed a lot. He helped me, willingly. He liked to give hugs. He was truly a joy to have in our house - and the amount of potential we saw in him was huge.
When Mateus Davi ran away, it came as a shock to me...he was doing so well. We learned later, that he had found out that his older brother was living near by - so he ran away to be with him. Mateus Davi is 14 years old, and his brother is 16. His brother is heavily involved in drug trafficking, and quickly got Mateus to begin selling drugs for him as well. Recently, we received word that Mateus Davi's brother was in jail, leaving Mateus alone.

 Just this last week, Isanon went to a city nearby to take a class - and came home with the saddest news. While walking down the street, he was passing a group of boys that we sleeping on the sidewalk-when he noticed one of them. He snapped the picture of Mateus Davi below, sleeping on a dirty blanket and cardboard on the street. 
Please pray with us for Mateus Davi. My heart breaks for him. I don't have the words to express my heart cry for him. But, we are praying for a miracle in his life - because if he stays where he is now, doing the things he is doing, he will either end up in jail - or worse. Thank you for joining Isanon and I in prayer for sweet Mateus Davi. 

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