Monday, June 9, 2014

Meet & Greet Mondays. {Rai}

Happiest of Mondays (almost Tuesday) to you! We had the best weekend over here - full of s'mores, fancy restaurants, 3-D movies, and lots of smiles. I hope your weekend was awesome as well.

Today I get to introduce you to another one of our boys. This is Rai (Ray in English).
Rai is 15 years old, and has been here with us since September of 2012. Rai lived with his mother until he was 10 years old. His mother was an alcoholic who met a man, and ran off with him - leaving behind 8 children to fend for themselves. When Social services entered the picture, he was living with his 17 year old sister, 16 year old brother and his sister's older boyfriend. He was taken to a home, where he lived until he turned 12 years old. After turning 12 - he was taken out of his current home and sent to Hope.
 Rai has grown and matured so much in this year and a half that Isanon and I have been here. He used to get in trouble a lot, and always seemed to be mad about something. It was not uncommon for Rai to get upset about something and stay upset for days. Thankfully, little by little Rai is growing and maturing. He is turning into a much happier and content boy, which is a boy I like to be around.
Rai is currently attending the private school (read about that HERE) and takes a Bakery course here at Hope. He has had a bit of trouble in staying caught up in school, but he seems to truly be trying. Rai seems to really enjoy the bakery course. On more than one occasion, Rai has brought me a little piece of cake or bread that he had made that day for me to try - which shows that he is excited and proud of what he is learning to do.
Please join Isanon and I in prayer for Rai this week. We are praying specifically for the hurt that Rai has dealt with and continues to deal with. Although he would never tell you, he has been very hurt by his mother and grieves over the separation between him and his siblings. We are praying for God to pour His love upon Rai and bring comfort to his hurting heart. Please pray for his schooling - that he would continue to strive to do well. We are also praying for joy in Rai's life, that he would be able to see and experience the happy things of this life.

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