Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Currently. {Vol. 03}

A Mama Collective

Thinking about: Babies. This week there is a family here visiting Hope Mountain, and they have an 18 month old little girl who is just darling. Seriously, she is the cutest. I have been having the best time playing with her. It is nice to have a little baby girl around - in the midst of all these tween/teen boys! And next week we will be heading to Recife to visit family. I am excited to play with our niece and nephew (pictured below). Babies make me happy. :) 

Reading: I started reading And the Shofar Blew by Francine Rivers yesterday. I am only two chapters in, so no opinion to give yet. 

Listening to:  Have you guys heard of JJ Heller? I love her music. I actually walked down the aisle to one of her songs called Where I land. The song below is one that the husband and I like for two reasons. {1}the song is super cute. {2}the video is from the movie Up! (which was the first movie we watched together).

Watching: The husband has been watching lots of basketball games - I honestly do not think that I turned the TV on once this week. But, I have big plans on binge watching Parenthood - I need to catch up! 

Thankful for: God's never ending mercy. I go through dry patches in my relationship with God - and it never ceases to amaze me how easily I forget that all I have to do is seek, and He will be there waiting for me. This past week I have been praying for a deeper understanding of God's love and mercy - and as always, He never disappoints, nor fails. 

Goals for this week:
last week
  • Give English classes to the boys.  = check! 
  • Take Tyson for a walk every single day. = I think we only went for a walk 5 days last week. 
  • Clean and organize the laundry area.  = yes! and it looks so much better! 
  • Figure out what I'm doing for Isanon for (brazilian) Valentine's day. = still not completely sure, and its next week! 
This week
  • Pack for vacation!
  • Take Tyson for a walk every single day. 
  • clean and organize nightstand drawers. 
  • Do something for Isanon for (brazilian) Valentine's day. 
Verse of the week: The Lord is my light and my salvation—whom shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life—of whom shall I be afraid? Psalm 27:1


  1. Janel thanks so much for visiting my blog, especially then because I could follow you over to yours! ; ) I love that you live in Brazil and take care of all those boys!! And thanks sooooo much for sharing that sweet song - I love JJ Heller too!!

    1. Thanks for following over to my little space, Sybil! :) JJ Heller has been a favorite of mine for quite some time - the husband was slow to catch on, but he is starting to appreciate the simplicity of her songs!

  2. What a sweet song. I have never seen that video before!
    Good luck with your goals this week! YAY for vacation!!!

    I also have dry patches with God where I don't pray enough. thanks for the reminder to work on this.

    Stopping by from the Currently link up--Choose Happy

    1. Triple YAY for vacation!!! While working with all these boys is SO rewarding, a little 'us' time is definitely looked forward to!

  3. I have an 18 month old baby girl as well and it is such a sweet age. It's so tempting to have another and it certainly sounds like you are tempted to jump on the baby bandwagon! ;) Loved your thoughts on the Lords mercy and the great love he has waiting for us when we simply peruse him. Thanks for the great reminder!

    1. Jumping on the baby bandwagon is definitely tempting right about now ;) I'm glad you were able to resonate with what the Lord has been speaking to my heart - He seems to always send the right reminders right when we need them! :)