Monday, July 21, 2014

Meet & Greet Mondays. {Peter}

Monday, we meet again. These weeks seem to be going by so much faster than normal, these days. It is unreal to me that we are approaching the end of July!

As promised, today I get to "introduce" you to another one of our boys.
Today, we meet Peter.
Peter is our oldest. He will be turning 18 years old in October, and has been at Hope Mountain since May of 2009. Peter had already been here at Hope for a few years when Isanon and I arrived, so I can't speak for his first years here....but since we have been here, all we have seen from Peter is how great of a kid he is. He has never given us any (real) trouble, and is a great example to the other boys. 
Peter's father passed away when Peter was very young. When Peter was eleven years old, his mother also passed away. After the passing of his mother, Peter his brother and two sisters were taken to a group home for children. When peter turned thirteen, him and his older brother were brought to Hope Mountain. Despite the tragedy that Peter has passed through, he is a really happy and polite boy. He doesn't let his circumstances stop him from going after what he wants. Peter is an extremely bright boy, and does really well in school. He has a job working at a factory that makes shirts and things like that, and we have heard from his boss that he is a very faithful and hard worker. He is currently preparing to leave Hope Mountain in the near future - and is in the process of deciding where he is going to go. 
Please join us as we lift Peter up in prayer this week. We thank God for his life, and for the example of hard work and dedication that he is to the rest of our boys. We are praying that God would give him wisdom and direction as he prepares to make big life decisions. That God would illuminate the right path that Peter is to take, and that he would be blessed and taken care of in this new season of his life. We are praying that God would continue to call Peter and give him direction. That Peter would learn to rely on Him for all that he needs, and cling to Jesus always. 

As always, thank you so much for joining us in prayer for our boys - I can not begin to tell you the difference that you make! Obrigada! :)

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