Monday, July 14, 2014

Meet & Greet Mondays. {Leandro}

Happy Monday! Today I get the privilege of introducing you to another one of our boys, Leandro.
Leandro is almost 17 years old, and has been such a joy to have here. He came to Hope in March for his protection, after seeing a crime committed by some drug lords in his neighborhood. Leandro comes from a sad situation. His father died with he was just a toddler - and then he was raised by his mother who is an acolholic. From a very young age, he began staying in the streets more than at home, and then ended up getting involved in drug trafficking in his neighborhood. 
I remember the very first day that Leandro arrived here. It was about 9pm at night, and I had taken Tyson outside to use the bathroom. A little ways away, standing by the pool, I saw this huge-tall person, that could in no way be a boy - so I got freaked and hurriedly went to tell Isanon that "some man" was outside. Needless to say, they still laugh at me about it. 
Leandro is always laughing and joking, and is truly so much fun to have around. In the short months that he has been here, we have been able to see so much growth in him. I got the chance to talk to his younger sister a bit yesterday while she was here visiting him, and she said that he is back to the brother she remembers- happy and laughing. Leandro is currently taking our bakery class, and is going to start doing a 'home study' program soon. This 'home study' program will allow him to do work here duing the week, and only go in to class for tests and such once a week. Leandro also will begin to start looking for work soon, as he is turning 17 this month. 
Please join Isanon and I in prayer this week for Leandro. We are praying for strength for Leandro, as living here and being far from his family can be hard. We are praying that he would continue to get joy back in his life, and continue to be this happy boy that we are seeing. We pray that God would truly reach out and touch Leandro's heart. That he would allow God to love him and heal him of every rejection and hurt that he has guarded in his heart. We are claiming in the name of Jesus that Leandro's life will be a life of victory - and that all that Satan has used to destroy him will be turned into a victory, that God may be glorified through Leandro's life. 

Thank you so much for joining us in prayer for Leandro this week! 

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