Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Celebrating Leonardo.

Yesterday one of our boys had a birthday. I would like to be able to say with all certainty how old he turned, but I really don't know. The papers we have on him say that yesterday was his 13th birthday, but the kid swears he turned 14 yesterday. So, happy (insert number here) birthday Leonardo!
Right before the houses closed at 8pm, Isanon called Leonardo over to help him do some stuff. During that time, I put up a few decorations in the boys TV room, and brought the cupcakes, juice and game supplies over. Everyone else also came over at this time, so we could all be there waiting when Isanon got back with Leonardo. He walked in, we said 'Happy Birthday!' and got right to the game!

We played a revised version of the game "Don't Eat Pete" and had so much fun with it. Just in case you haven't played this game before, it goes like this; you put a piece of candy on each one of the balloons then choose one person to leave the room. When that person is out of the room, you choose one of the balloons to be 'Pete'. The person outside is called back in, and he begins to choose pieces of candy off the balloons. When he tries to take the candy off of "Pete", everyone yells, "Don't Eat Pete" and his turn is over. We seriously had so much fun with this game. Even the adults took a turn at it!

After the game, we gave Leo his present, then we prayed for him and sang happy birthday to him. He thanked all of us for giving him a party - and even shed a few tears. Everyone got their cupcake (chocolate chip cookie cups), juice and hung out talking for a while. 

We truly had a great time Celebrating Leonardo and hope he had a special day. In the months that Leo has been here with us, we have seen such a change in him - and it makes us happy to see him happy. The Happiest of Happy birthdays to you, Leonardo. May God bless you and pour His love on you in this coming year.


  1. Love this - and love even more that your prayed for him... what an awesome thing!!

    1. Thank you Lisa! Having the boys pray over the other boys is such a sweet moment.

  2. Janel, seeing these pictures of the boys so happy brought tears to my eyes. It's so encouraging to see how the Lord is using you and your creative talents there with them. Miss you all!
    <3 Jannell