Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Currently. {Vol.09}

Hey there! Welcome to Currently, where I share what we are currently up to each week - and the goal(s) we have for the coming week. 

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Thinking about: Lots of random things. For one, next Monday is one of our boys' birthday. He will be turning 13 years old, and I would like to make his party special. I feel like I've gotten into a birthday routine and haven't been very creative at making each party different and special - and I plan to try to change that. So, I've been browsing the lovely Pinterest for some inspiration.
Annnnnd, Isanon passed his written driver's test yesterday! He studied all week - and did great. Getting your license in Brazil is not the easiest thing, and I am starting to realize why so many people drive illegally here. But, I am extremely proud of Isanon for going after this goal. Good job, meu amor. Now on to the driving classes you go! 
Also, I've been thinking about our two year anniversary which is quickly approaching. I have a couple of different ideas of things I want to do for Isanon - but I need to make a plan. For quite some time now, I've wanted to get us a nice journal to write letters back and forth in - but have not yet....I think anniversary number two is the perfect time for that to come into play. 
Lastly, our future. These past few nights, Isanon and I have laid awake in bed talking about the future - and making plans. Everything from the "if we had a million bucks - and no visa restrictions -we would [fill in the blank]" to the "realistically, one [year,month,week] from now....[fill in the blank]". Obviously, nothing set in stone...but dreaming and planning together makes me so happy about this future we have together. 
Reading: I read some more of 'And the Shofar Blew' by Francine Rivers this week, and have hit the point where I have been drawn in by the characters. The introducing of the characters in the beginning of the book was a little slow-going, but having passed it, I am interested to see where their lives intertwine. 
Listening to: This song. I actually saw a re-make version from the dad's point of view, before ever hearing this song. The re-make was funny, and the rhythm was catchy - so I looked up the original song. 

Watching: We are still hooked on the show 24. Not quite sure why it took us so long to give this show a try, but we love it! Also, I came across this clip from the Jimmy Kimmel show....and it made me laugh harder than I have in a long time. Naturally, I made Isanon watch it again with me - and we laughed even harder. We may or may not have blasted this song in our living room and danced to it multiple times this week. At any rate, watch the video....and laugh. You're welcome. 

Making: Recently, I have been making iced coffee in the mornings. I am not a huge coffee drinker - but what I wouldn't give to have a Starbucks close by! Did you know that if you google "how to make iced coffee" that there are a million different ways to do it? I have tried about a half-million of them, and I think I have finally perfected the perfect iced coffee (for me). 
Goals for this week:
[Last week...]
  1. Pray for Isanon every single night. //I love that boy. 
  2. Organize my sewing stuff. //I'm crossing this off, but I need drawers or something to store it in. 
  3. Educate myself more on visa things. //Some, but not much. 
  4. Cook/Bake something new. //I made baked chimichangas for the first time this week.  
  5. Decorate or do something different to love our bedroom more. //Nope, its still the same. 
[This week...]

  1. Begin to cultivate a habit of praying with Isanon every single night. 
  2. Re-plant all my living room plants. 
  3. Cook/Bake something new. 
  4. Plan Leonardo's bday party - make it special. 
Verse of the week: "Deep calls to deep in the roar of your waterfalls; all Your waves and breakers have swept over me. By day the Lord directs His love, at night His song is with me-a prayer to the God of my life."  Psalms 42:7-8

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  1. umm can you share your perfected iced coffee recipe?! Ha ha I still can't get it right... also my husband gave me a journal on our wedding day with a beautiful note written in it, we still write each other letters in it to this day... maybe not as often as we should, but it's nice to have :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! xo