Sunday, July 27, 2014

Currently. {Vol. 10}

Hey there! Welcome to Currently, where I share what we are currently up to each week - and the goal(s) we have for the coming week. 

Thinking about: Cutting my hair. No, really. But, then again - I have thought about this approximately 8 times a year for the past three years...but have never taken the plunge. The issue is that every single time that I have cut my hair in the past, I regretted it. I get so tired of the same ole' hair day after day though. Of course pinterest doesn't help with their constant pictures of cute styles like the ones below. 
Also, today is my sweet nephew's Birthday! Little Lance is three years old today, and I cannot even believe it. I very clearly remember coming home from Brazil days after he was born, and making the drive from California to Seattle to meet my newest little nephew! He was and continues to be the absolute cutest little blue-eyed boy. Happy birthday little Lance, Auntie Nellie loves you so very much! Have fun at Chuck-e-Cheese, big boy. 
Listening to: "Your word inside of me; My strength, my everything. My hope will always be Jesus. Your breath inside my lungs; you're worthy of my trust. You will forever be Jesus." 

Watching: The husband give Tyson a bath. Tyson hates them...he whimpers through the whole thing. But, nobody loves a dirty - stinky boy. The part that he does love is being towel dried. The boy soaks it up! Then, he will lay there swaddled in his towel for the next 20 minutes. Crazy boy. 
Making: Decor for Leonardo's Birthday party (tomorrow!). I am a firm believer in making birthday decorations that can be used again - especially with how many boys we have around here. But, its been a while since I've made anything new, so I decided to add some stuff to my 'birthday decor box'.
I also made these cinnamon-sugar donut muffins this week. I had lent out the hand-mixer, so I ended up mixing up the batter by hand...and I think I over mixed it. The flavor was good, but the consistency of the muffins were a bit hard. 
Goals of the week: 
[Last week...]
  1. Begin to cultivate a habit of praying with Isanon every single night. this has been so good for both of us. 
  2. Re-plant all my living room plants. nope, still need to do this. 
  3. Cook/Bake something new. a couple things. 
  4. Plan Leonardo's bday party-make it special. His party is tomorrow, I hope he has fun!
[This week...]
  1. Continue to cultivate the habit of praying together every single night.
  2. Work on a secret project. 
  3. Cook/Bake something new. 
  4. Invite someone over for coffee-snack, dinner or dessert. 
  5. Have a movie night with the boys. 
Verse of the week:
A Mama Collective


  1. Don't cut it! I had super long hair and after I had my baby I cut nearly a foot off and I've regretted it! It's really nice in the moment...and maybe even in the first month. But then it gets to the not long not short stage and super sucks. Unless of course you can keep up with it, then it's fine ;).

    Also, thank you for posting that heart needed something like that. :-x

    PS-Found you through Currently. link-up ;)

    1. Aaah, I probably won't cut it. It takes way too long to grow it back out. I am glad that verse touched more than just my heart, God has a way of bringing His word right when we need it :)

  2. I've had short hair (pixie cut short) for years and I finally grew it out. My hair is about the length of those photos. I wouldn't want to cut my hair now. There's just something about having longer hair that's fun. Those donuts look amazing! Stopping by from the currently link up.

    1. Thanks Lisa, those donut-muffins were pretty tasty! :)

  3. I cut my hair about a month ago and donated it. It's so much easier to care for. But that being said, do it ONLY if you want to. Don't let others talk you into it or out of it.

    1. So great that you donated your hair - what a drastic change that must have been!

  4. I feel ya about the hair cutting thing... except I probably think about it 8 times a day!! It just takes so long to grow back out so I am always concerned I will wish I didn't a month later!

    1. Exactly! Every time that I've cut my hair in the past, I am happy with it for about a month....then wish I could grow it all back in a month, ha.