Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Weekend full of birthday parties..

-the month of love. <3
-the month of the mister and I's half anniversary. 
-the short month. 
-the month full of birthdays! 

Yes, this short little month has proven to be a busy little one. 
This weekend we got to celebrate two special days. 
One on Friday and then another on Sunday. 

Friday night we celebrated Josue. Josue who was the smallest when Isanon and I arrived at Hope, is 15. He is growing and maturing every single day. I cannot begin to tell you the joy that Josue brings to us here at Hope Mountain. His hugs make my day, and Isanon and I truly feel so honored to be able to be a part of Josue's life and to be able to celebrate his special day with him. 

A week ago I asked Josue what type of cake he wanted, and he said a "cookie one". So, we had a cookie-cake, did a little treasure hunt, watched a slideshow of photos of Josue and then ended the night by filling our living room floor with mattresses and watching 'The Croods' together. :) 

On Sunday, we celebrated Rai - who also turned 15. Rai is another boy who has changed so much since we first arrived. Rai is the boy who says "thank you" (in english) when he should say "you're welcome". He is the boy who knocks on my door and asks if I need him to take my trash out or fill my water bottles. Rai is the boy who is growing up on us, and we couldn't be more pleased to have spent his 15th birthday with him. 

Rai's party went a lot like Josue's. We watched a slideshow, the boys prayed for him, we ate some (super yummy) fudge cake, and then watched the movie 'Red Eye'. It was a fun night. 

Happy birthday to our two special boys, thank you for letting Isanon and I celebrate with you! We love you both. 

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