Monday, February 3, 2014

Meet & Greet Mondays. {Renyvom & Roger}

Today's meet & greet is going to be a little different.

Last week, we had two of our boys run away. Two boys who are very dear to all of our hearts.
Renyvom and Roger are brothers who arrived here at Hope Mountain in August.

This is Renyvom..

This is Roger..

I do not know much about their past, nor do I know where they would have ran away to. It is my understanding that they do not have family to go to, so my heart is in so much conflict about where they have gone.

Renyvom is 14, and Roger is 12. Hearing that they ran away was such a shock to us all because they seemed, for the most part, happy here. Renyvom is a bit quieter than Roger, and seems like he holds a lot of anger inside. Roger is a goofy, care free boy who loves to play.

Please, please pray for these two brothers with us. We are praying that God continues to protect them wherever they are, and that they make their way back to us. Thank you for standing in prayer with us for these boys.

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