Sunday, February 16, 2014

His & Her Valentine's Day Tradition

Happy Love day. (Two days ago)

I like Valentine's Day. I always have. 

I loved the cool little mailboxes you got to make in elementary school and taking hours to pick out which valentine to give who so that your crush wouldn't figure out you like him. I like the red and pink decor, and getting to spread hearts everywhere. I like that it is a day that romance and corniness (is that a word?) is expected and encouraged. I love it all. 

And, its a pretty good thing that I love it, because I get TWO Valentine's days per year. Yes, two. Being  married to a Brazilian (or someone from a different country/culture) definitely has its advantages and disadvantages. One of those advantages is that Valentine's Day in Brazil is not until June 12th, which means we get to celebrate it two times. 

Isanon and I have this pretty cool tradition where on February 14th, he is the one who plans and gets to make the day special for me...and then on June 12th, I am the one who gets to do the planning and surprise him. I absolutely love that we get to do "Love day(s)" this way, and I love it even more because the whole tradition was something that just sort of happened... 

My mister and I had only been dating for 4 months when we celebrated our first Valentine's day together. We had started dating in October, spent two months together...then spent the next two months doing the long distance thing. I arrived in Brazil on February 13th, with a red tin heart full of chocolates (later learned that he is not a chocolate fan) in my suitcase, not knowing if he even knew about Valentine's day. I woke up the next morning to find that Isanon had "went out". We were staying in a little two bedroom house, with 10 people. One room stacked with beds for the girls, and one room crammed with beds for the boys. I had breakfast, and then found a couch to read on. A while later, Isanon came in the door with a couple bags...said Bom dia (good morning) and went to stash the bags in his room. At this point, I was sure he did not know about Valentine's day...and didn't want to make him feel bad, so I decided not to give him the chocolates.

He came back out to the living room and we sat on the couch and spent the afternoon talking and watching videos online. He had set up with some of our friends for us to go out to a cute little restaurant to eat lunch, and he paid for my food...but still nothing was said about Valentine's day. We got back and I took a nap cause I was feeling pretty jet lagged still. I slept for way longer than I had planned and woke up around dinner time. Everyone had went out, so the only people left in the house were Isanon, myself and one of the other guys. Isanon was in the kitchen, with the bags he had come home with earlier scattered on the table.  He made me dinner, and had bought strawberry ice-cream for us to have for dessert. After dinner and ice-cream, we watched a romantic movie that he had picked out...and he had bought me some chocolate. At this time I'm starting to wonder if he knows it's Valentine's Day, but still didn't ask or say anything, because he hadn't said anything.

After the movie, its getting late so we say goodnight, and I start to head for my room. I remember the tin of chocolates I have and tell him that I have something for him, and to wait. I come back out with the chocolates, and before I can say anything...he says, "No, it's your Valentine's Day, not mine." I'm not exactly sure how the conversation went after that, but basically he explained that he did in fact know it was Valentine's Day, and that was why he had planned the day out for us (sweet) but that I wasn't supposed to do anything for him cause his Valentine's Day wasn't until June 12th.....and thus started the His and Her Valentine's day tradition. 

Here are some photos from my love day this year. 

Thank you, my love, for making this Valentine's day super special. I love that even though it was 90 degrees out, you not only braved turning on the oven, but you dressed up (coat and all) to have a romantic dinner with me. You have the best heart, and I am lucky to share life with you. Thank you for taking me to the movies, and buying me a milkshake. And thank you for not being upset that I threw the milkshake away because it really was just not tasty. :) I love you endlessly, and like you more and more every day. Falling in love with you was easy, you were always meant to have my heart. 

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