Thursday, February 27, 2014

Exploring: Convento da Penha

This past Saturday, we had an outing. 

We got to take our boys to Convento da Penha, which is a beautiful convent that sits on a hill over looking the city. The view is beautiful. Truly breathtaking. 

Our boys, on the other hand, were not so beautiful or breathtaking. I promised to always be truthful on this blog, so straight up, most of our boys were brats this day. In their defense, they had a long week, and an busy morning...but oh boy, they were complainers at the convent. 

Our little Josue had not taken his medicine, and had eaten cake, a Popsicle and candy earlier that afternoon. Not a good mix. When we got to the top, he decided he was scared. Like laying on the ground in the fetal position, screaming scared. It took everything in me to not laugh and snap pictures of the poor kid...but I did the grown up, "house mom" thing and grabbed his hand, and promised him anything he wanted if he would just stop making a scene. ;) 

Isanon showed up with a soda to "save the day". And, just like that....Josue was back to laughing.  Yes, it appears we will be "those parents" who give into the child, just to avoid a huge scene. 

Despite our little complainers, and a fetal positioned screaming fit....we had a great day. 
I absolutely love when I get to explore a new place here in Brasil. 
Sometimes I forget how blessed I am, and then God shows me His beauty. 

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