Monday, December 16, 2013

Meet & Greet Mondays. {Angelo}

Happiest of Mondays to you!

Mondays are the days that I get to introduce you to one of our boys! With all of the Holiday festivities going on around here, plus our One week Vacation get-a-way, I am afraid I have been horrible at introducing you to our boys. I promise to try to do better!

With that being said, today we get to meet Angelo.

Angelo has been living with us here at the mountain since November of 2012. He actually arrived here the day Isanon and I were boarding the plane in Sacramento heading here. His birthday is on the 22nd, he will be 15 years old. 

Angelo's background is not a pretty one, it is one that truly breaks my heart. His mother was 16 when she had Angelo and never really wanted him. She began physically abusing Angelo at a very young age. He remembers a time when he was about 3 years old that his mom threw him off the bed and he broke his collarbone and fractured his wrist and leg. His mother always told him how much she hated him and that he ruined her life. She would tell him that he had no value and that she wished he never would have been born. 

He went from relative to relative but it never worked out for him to stay anywhere. Either they would say they couldn't afford him, or couldn't handle him. He doesn't ever receive visits from anyone, but has went to visit his aunt a few times. 

Right now, Angelo is spending the holidays with his Aunt. Please pray with Isanon and I for Angelo. We pray that this time with his aunt is enjoyable for all. We pray for his protection, and for healing in his life. He carries the wounds of things that have been spoken about him, and we are praying that he would know and understand his worth. Know that he is loved by us and beyond measure by his Heavenly Father. 

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