Sunday, December 8, 2013

A thankful Heart.

 Saturdays here at 'The Mountain' often seem to drag on. 
Since there is no school the next day, lights out is not until 11pm. 
Unless we have some type of outing or activity planned, 
Saturdays can be quite uneventful and down right boring. 

But not yesterday. 
Yesterday was a good Saturday. 
Yesterday went by fast. 
Yesterday was eventful, 
Yesterday was fun. 

Yesterday was our annual "Festa de Padrinhos"
It is an event that happens every year, and it is much anticipated by our boys. 
Every year various people from the community pledge to "sponsor" one of our boys. 
They are given their name, a picture and a list of items to buy for the boy. 
The items usually consist of....
1. A pair of tenis shoes. 
2. A pair of sandals.
3. A pair of pants.
4. A few shirts.
5. Underwear/Socks
6. A Belt
Above and beyond these specific things asked for is completely up to the "Padrinho"
 - person sponsoring the child. 

Our boys played their instruments for everyone, and it was a very emotional moment. 
They did such a good job and have only been learning for such a short time. 
It was truly touching and beautiful. 

Then the boys met their "Padrinho" and were presented with their gifts. 

After everyone received their gifts, we shared a HUGE breakfast together, 
and the boys eagerly opened their presents! 
Some of them insisted on getting on the stage to open their presents by the tree! 

This party is truly a special time for our boys. 
A time where they are able to be blessed by complete strangers. 
A time where they are shown a glimpse of God's love for them. 

I got the chance to talk to a few of the "Padrinhos" and thank them. 
I truly thank them from the bottom of my heart for giving to our boys, 
for blessing our boys, for showing God's love to our boys. 

Yes, Saturday was a good Saturday. 

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