Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Decorating Stockings.

Have I told you guys how much I love Christmas lately?! 
I can not begin to describe to you how much I am loving sharing this Holiday 
and making it special and meaningful for our boys. 
I love getting to explain the meaning and introduce them to things they've never done. 

This past weekend, we decorated Stockings. 
I don't think a single one of them have ever decorated one before, 
so it was tons of fun! 

We spread out all the supplies on the tables and just let them dig in! 

It was so fun to watch them get creative with their stocking. 
They were so focused. 

We all had such a fun time and they did such a great job on their stockings. 
Later today we get to hang them up by the tree in their TV room. 

It may be 100 degrees outside, 
but it sure is beginning to look a lot like Christmas! 

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