Monday, September 22, 2014

Meet & Greet Mondays. {Carlos Daniel}

Happy Monday!

Remember these posts? The weekly ones where I introduce a boy to you, and ask you to join us in prayer for him? Well, yeah...I've missed a couple Mondays. So sorry about that.

I'm back, with a special boy to introduce you to. This is Carlos Daniel.

Carlos Daniel is 14 years old and has been back with us at Hope since the end of August. He was here for a couple months at the beginning of the year, but then ran away - and only recently was brought back to us. Carlos Daniel is a boy that brings a smile to my face. He has a big attitude problem but for some reason, I have a really soft spot for him. I see so much potential in this boy, and have high hopes of a happy future for him.

Carlos Daniel's history is a bit fuzzy to me. I don't at all have all the details, just a few pieces of the puzzle. What I do know is that Carlos Daniel was taken from his family because of their involvement in drug trafficking. At one point, he was adopted by a family. That family tried and tried to make it work with Carlos Daniel, but he would get in trouble in the home, school, and wouldn't stay home. Because of all the trouble he was getting into, Social Services and the family decided to remove Carlos Daniel from the home. Recently, the family got in contact with the judge and is asking to give it another try. We are waiting for official approval from the judge, but the plan right now is that Carlos Daniel will go stay with the family on weekends, and be with us during the week...then if that seems to be working, he will fully be reintegrated with his family.

We are praying that Carlos Daniel sees what a great opportunity this is for him, and that he will take advantage of it. We are praying for all the hurts that Carlos Daniel carries inside. That he would begin to give them to Jesus and receive healing. We are praying that he would begin to learn how to control his anger and attitude problems. That he would begin to learn that people "telling him what to do" is only to help him. We are praying that Carlos Daniel would see his worth and value. That he would know how much God loves him, and how much God wants the best for Carlos Daniel's life.

Will you join Isanon and I in prayer for Carlos Daniel this week?


  1. I just found your site from the link up! how awesome are you guys!? I just started looking around but I am humbled by your service. I will be praying for Carlos Daniel this week. God Bless you - Mary

    1. Thank you so much, Mary! Carlos Daniel will definitely be grateful for those prayers, as are we. Hope you have a lovely little weekend :)