Saturday, September 6, 2014

Ademilson's Party.


On Tuesday, one of our boys had a birthday. Ademilson turned 13 years old. As usual, we had a little party for him right before bedtime. Even though they all know it is coming, Isanon still makes up some reason to get them out of the house - so that we can do a little decorating and bring the cake in. Ademilson, like the others, was not surprised when he came back in - but he did have a huge smile.

We started off with a game. Two boys sat in the middle of the rug, with a pile of socks between them. They were each blindfolded, then they had one minute to try to put on as many socks as they could. I now have too many pairs of stretched-out socks, but the game was fun, and brought many laughs.

After the game, it was time to cut the cake. Isanon read a couple scriptures and shared a quick word for Ademilson, then all the boys laid hands on him and we prayed over his life. After the prayer, we all sang Happy Birthday to him, then ate some cake. When everyone had been served, Ademilson was given his gifts. Paul and Nancy always send a card, and the boys look forward to it so much. She finds the coolest cards - that sing, or light-up or something like that, and the boys get the biggest kick out of it!

Happy Birthday, Ademilson. You have been in our house for about 9 months now, and I can say with all honesty - that I can see a difference in the boy you were when you arrived, and the boy you are today. You are learning new things, you are maturing. Remember and take to heart the things that Isanon said to you, you were wonderfully and fearfully made, and God Does have a plan for your life, Ademilson. We feel blessed and honored to be able to celebrate your 13th birthday with you, and wish you the happiest of years. 

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