Friday, August 8, 2014

Oh hey, Friday! // Friday Favorites

Yay for Friday! I have been super anxious all week for this weekend to get here - because it is Isanon's weekend off, and because we are going on a little Anniversary Get-away. A little one on one quality time with the Husband makes me super happy, and is way overdue.

But, before we head off - Here are Five things I loved this week.

{One.} First things First....I found an online daily devotional blog that I just love! I have been searching for online devotionals/bible studies for so long and have never really found one that I loved. I've gone through a couple different ones, but for whatever reason never really loved them. Then I found SHEREADSTRUTH and I love it. Each day there is a bible text to read (we are currently going through the book of Hebrews) and then an application/study that follows. Anyways, check it out...because, if I haven't already made this clear - I love it!

{Two.} We have had so many celebrations this week, and it has been so nice. First we had a party for Lindsey on Monday night, then another little party for her Tuesday afternoon. Tuesday night we decorated Tia Rosa's office for her birthday on Wednesday, had cake with everyone at the mountain after lunch on Wednesday - then went out to pizza to celebrate her birthday last night. Two birthdays so close together was fun - and made for a very sugar filled week!

{Three.} Speaking of 'Sugar-filled', I made these triple chocolate chunk cookies for one of the celebrations. They were just a mix - so not taking credit for some amazing baking skills - but, they were so yummy. If I were in the US right now, I am positive that I would go out and buy another Package of them, or two. Maybe it is a good thing that these things are not so accessible here?
{Four.} The weather has been crazy this week. One day the sun is shining, the next it is back to being cold. The boys have taken advantage of the warm weather though and gone swimming a couple times. We are hoping that the sun decides to grace us with it's presence again this weekend. 

{Five.} Monday we will celebrate our 2 year Anniversary - so today will be spent packing our bags for a little Anniversary get-away. I got our wedding video out today, and have made Isanon agree to watch it with me tonight. I don't think we have watched it since the day we got it, so I am excited to watch it again. 
Hope you all have as great of a weekend as we are planning to have! Send a little prayer for warm weather for us! <3

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  1. Those cookies ... Anything with sprinkles is a huge hit in our house! YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    1. I added the sprinkles to make them more festive - but they are just a Betty Crocker mix. So good though, try them out!

  2. My word, those cookies look amazing. Enjoy your anniversary getaway. I have one coming up in a couple weeks.
    Stopping by from the link up.

    <3 Sarita

    1. Sarita, those cookies definitely hit the spot. And, thank you! I have every intention of having the best time on this little getaway. :) Hope you are starting to plan yours!