Wednesday, September 11, 2013

California Dreamin'

I am super late at writing this post, but just in case anyone does not know yet...I am Home! Yes, I do realize that I live in Brazil, but this little town in the middle of nowhere, has remained the place my heart (will probably always) call home.

So, I have been here for about a month now....(see, I told you I was super late at posting this) and I am enjoying this visit so much! So many new babies, and growing babies to heart is exploding with love for all these boys! Being an auntie is seriously so much fun.

my blue-eyed nephews are the cutest. period. 

I decided I was going to come home for a visit in June, and told absolutely no one that I was coming, except for my Mama. I have been missing family and friends a ton, plus there were some things with my Visa that I needed to come home to take care of, so I am killing two birds with one stone! It was extremely difficult to keep it a secret for those two months...but the surprise was so worth it! From my crying sister, to the double-takes when people first saw me...I think surprise trips home are the best!
Auntie loves these stud-muffins! 
The only super huge downside of this whole trip, is that my best guy was not able to come with me. :( Yes, my hard-working studly husband had to stay and hold down the fort at Hope Mountain. We are making it through with all-day-long messages back and forth through Facebook, and lots of Skype calls. Takes us back to our long distance dating....only, its way worse being separated after marriage. There are constant "If Isanon were here...." thoughts that pop into my little head on a daily basis. That Kid is seriously my favorite person.  Distance makes the heart grow fonder, and stronger, and all those wonderful things that are needed for a marriage to we shall make it through this! 
Airport Goodbyes. 
Okay, enough of my sappiness! I just get overwhelmed sometimes at how blessed I am with the husband that God saved for me, and the love and friendship I have found in him. One thing that this visit home has reminded me of, is truly how blessed I am by the family and friends that I have. 

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