Saturday, January 18, 2014

Our FAVORITE beach.

Our boys are out of school right now for Summer break.

And Summer break = beach trips. Lots and lots of beach trips. 
Wednesday we went to our favorite beach in Cetiba. 
Cetiba is about two hours away, but it is so worth the drive. 

Let me tell you some reasons why it is our favorite.

*Reason #1: it is beautiful there. 

*Reason #2: the rocks. Specifically the ones they we can jump off of. 

*Reason #3: We can park the bus and BBQ right on the beach. 

*Reason #4, 5 &6: Sand, Water & Sun. 'nuff said. 


*Reason #7: These hugs and smiles.  

*Reason #8: The 2 hour nap-time for them us on the way home. 

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