Monday, November 4, 2013

Meet&Greet Mondays. {Vinicius}

I am back from California. Back with these crazy boys. And (hopefully) back to blogging more regularly.

As I tried to start earlier, before I left for Cali, Isanon and myself will choose one boy a week to write about. If I know anything about their story that I feel should be shared, I will. Also, I will post some specific prayer requests. The idea is more than you just getting to hear some of the boys stories...while they are interesting, and for the most part sad - my heart in writing about them is that together we can pray for these boys. These boys have had a world of hurt that i cannot even imagine, but I know that God loves them and desires to bring, please, pray with us for these boys.

With that being said, lets meet goofy Vinicius.

For the most part, Vinicius seems to be a very well adjusted boy. Well adjusted to life here at Hope Mountain. He just had his 15th birthday which means he will be moving into the older boys house and out of mine and Isanon's. Vinicius is someone I can always count on for a huge smile. I have this little hobby of mine, which includes hiding around corners and jumping out at the first poor child to walk my way. I laugh hysterically Every Single Time. Well, Vinicius is in my top 5 of most fun to scare for sure. He screams, then acts like he is mad at me and has this little "mad walk" that he does....then turns around and flashes that big smile of his just as soon as he is almost out of sight. It is the best.

Vinicius has been living here at Hope since April of 2012. Before coming here, he was at another home. Before that he lived with his aunt. His parents have both passed away. His mother died of an illness (we don't know what) when Vinicius was very young, and his step-dad was murdered. Vinicius says he has 5 older siblings, but we have not been able to find a single one of them. His Aunt came and visited him once, but would not talk to anyone but Vinicus and never returned.

Vinicius gets sad when anyone talks about their mother, but has not opened up and expressed his feelings. He is very closed when it comes to talking about his past....he starts making jokes and won't take anything serious. We love how goofy and happy Vinicius is....but also know that he hides behind his joking and laughter at times.

Please join Isanon and I as we pray for healing and comfort for Vinicius.

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